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(세미나) Study of heavy baryons from their decay patterns

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  • 2021-03-25 11:40
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제1과학관 206호
Dr. Ahmad Jafar Arifi (APCTP)

Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Jafar Arifi (APCTP)  

Date & Time: Apr. 2 (Fr) 9:00 AM 

Title:  Study of heavy baryons from their decay patterns  

Place: 제1과학관 206호 / Webex   

We study the internal structure of heavy baryons from their strong decays with pion emissions in the chiral quark model. We evaluate the decay widths of the known excited states of heavy baryons with various flavors. It is found that the low-lying excited states can be described reasonably well. However, the discrepancy with the data is observed when describing the decay of the ground state Sigma_c and the Roper-like Lambda_c(2765). Here, we demonstrate that such discrepancy will be significantly reduced by introducing the relativistic correction with the help of the Foldy-Wouthuysen-Tani transformation. Furthermore, we will also show how the two-pion emission decays can be useful to determine the spin and parity of heavy baryons. 


Host: Prof. Yongseok Oh

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