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(세미나) Quantum illumination in noisy quantum sensing

  • 관리자
  • 2021-05-07 10:56
  • hit 152
2021년 5월 7일(금) 오후 4시
제1과학관 119호
이수용 박사(국방고등기술원 양자물리센터)

초록 : Quantum illumination is to discriminate the presence and absence of a low-reflectivity target using entangled states under heavy noise environment.

I introduce the concept of the QI with detection error probability which judges its performance, such as quantum Chernoff bound and signal-to-noise ratio. The performance of the QI is investigated with single-photon states, coherent states, and two-mode squeezed vacuum states. Then, I present different types of the QI receivers.

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