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(콜로퀴움) Twisted Quantum World of Spin-Orbit Entanglement

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  • 2021-05-27 13:14
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2021년 6월 2일(수) 오후 5시
제1과학관 120호 & Webex
김흥식교수(강원대학교 물리학과)

연사: 김흥식교수(강원대학교 물리학과) 

일시: 2021년 6월 2일(수) 오후 5시

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제목 ; Twisted Quantum World of Spin-Orbit Entanglement

초록 ; Quantum phases of matter, which are phases of matter arising from nontrivial consequences of quantum fluctuations and entanglements, has been an active field of study in condensed matter physics and materials science. One arguably promising way to achieve quantum matter would be coupling multiple degrees of freedoms, and one of the most prominent example is spin-orbit entanglement achieved by relativistic spin-orbit coupling in heavy elements. Entanglement of spin and orbital motions in condensed matter systems lies at the core of many intriguing phenomena including i) accumulation of Berry's phase over particle trajectory and the resulting topological phases of matter and ii) direction-dependent magnetic exchange interactions that induces strong magnetic frustrations and the so-called spin-liquid phases. In this colloquium-style talk I'd like to make an overview of this emerging field of spin-orbit entanglement in a perspective of computational condensed matter / materials scientist.